BeGREAT! Signature Spotlight 

For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Increase Their Business Through Speaking

Are you ready to craft the life you want while

having a greater impact in the world?

  • Do you want to instantly gain credibility as an expert in your field?

  • Could you use more clients?

  • Are you afraid to get on a stage or show up on video?

  • Maybe you simply want to be a better speaker?

  • Do you have a message to share that you KNOW would change lives?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place!


Join me and others as we take the stage and change the world. 

When you complete BG! Signature Spotlight, not only will you have a fully awesome and ready to go presentation you will also have learned how to:

  • Rock all kinds of stages, virtual and live so you can get your message out to the world and start having a greater impact.

  • Craft YOUR story in a dynamic way that will attract more clients.

  • Shift your mindset so you can excel on and off the stage!

The BG! Signature Spotlight is a 3-month program designed to:

1. teach you how to craft the message that is uniquely yours

2. help you develop and deliver your presentation 

3. build enough confidence to actually get out there and share it

4. how to own your stage

When you put it all together, it’s a winning combination that will instantly raise your credibility as a leader and expert in your field. Make more money and feel better about how you’re showing up in the world.

What could be better? You’re a superstar and the BG! Signature Spotlight Program  is here to help you begin to step into your true potential. Click on Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!

Be a part of the founding members, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and start being the change you want to see in the world. Here you will be supported and held accountable to be all you are meant to be in your life. 

WHAT are we doing?

Pushing your career and confidence to new heights.

HOW are we doing it? By: 

1. Challenging your current mindset around success, money, public speaking.

2. Actively working on crafting your story in a dynamic way that will have new clients excited to work with you.

3. Practicing the new public speaking skills that you're learning in BG! Speaker Spotlight.


WHY are we doing it?

1. To help you gain the confidence and skills to have a greater impact in the world through the sharing of your unique message.

2. To increase your business by being seen as a skilled presenter and industry leader.

3. So that at the end of three months, you have a polished presentation that you are proud to present online or on a live stage. 

Who the heck is Dori and why in the world would I want to work with her??

The short skinny of it is that Dori is a seasoned public speaker, life, & business coach who has helped many entrepreneurs learn how to take the stage with panache. She received intensive speaker training (3 years at San Diego State University) and has delivered hundreds of talks and presentations over three decades. Dori has also been recognized as a top professor, mentor, and coach in multiple arenas. You can count on her to successfully guide you to the change you want to be in the world all the while holding you accountable to show up and do the work. She knows what's inside and has the ability to bring it out of you and help you have the impact on the world

Program Features

  • 3 months

  • a minimum of 9 zoom calls

  • small group style

  • direct access to Dori

  • a curriculum that spans from finding your story to stepping on stage

  • private FB group for support and accountability

Are you ready to invest in the person you

want to see show up in the world?

I want to help YOU step into your power and be heard.

Join me on the journey to becoming a GREAT! Speaker!