Hello Dori 


My gift in this lifetime is the ability to see the greatness in you and assist you to cultivate it in a way that contributes to making your life great. I will call you on your stuff and hold you accountable. We will work together to identify your blocks and develop tools that will help you get past them. Whether you are an entrepreneur, head of a corporation, or a stay at home mom, I have the tools to help. Let's work together to shift negative perspectives and implement real change so you can live the life and dreams you want.  It's never too late.


Some of my favorite areas:


  1. Building a powerful, productive team

  2. Leadership development

  3. Growing a business

  4. Speaking and presenting

  5. Breaking through your business, career, personal limitations

  6. Change management

  7. Communication skills, personal and business

  8. Intuition

  9. Mindfulness

  10. Personnel and Human Resource development


I work with you to identify your challenges and then develop simple, actionable steps to move through whatever is holding your or your business back.  Through empowerment and accountability, coupled with solid tools, we create significant change. 


About: Dori has spent a lifetime working to empower others to be the best they can be and loves to dig deep into big-picture endeavors and is known for her leadership abilities and adventurous spirit. She has years of leadership experience, a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and decades of developing and creating programs and workshops designed to bring out the best in individuals, teams, and groups. She loves the teaching/training process and knows how to not only engage her audience but how to ensure effective fun learning and growth.

Other relevant experience:

* extensive public speaking and presentation training
* more than a 1,000 successful speaking engagements
* dozens of educational and learning programs developed
* hundreds of workshops developed and delivered

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