Rave Reviews

She has a unique ability to connect with people and develop a deep understanding of where they are at in life and where they wish they were. Dori has been a great mentor to me and has helped me develop into the community leader that I am today. She is creative and talented and has always been able to give me a new and unique perspective that has helped me come up with creative solutions to barriers that I faced both personally and professionally. I am honored to give Dori my highest recommendation - and continue to look forward to working with her in the future.

Maria Montano

I've seen Dori navigate her way through her own divorce with a small child involved. She has done it with kindness and grace. They were able to make the focus on their child and because of their kindness to each other, their child continues to thrive and has adjusted beautifully.

Quinn Davis

Dori can latch on to your aspirations and struggles and guide you through the journey. She has fantastic interpersonal skills and the ability to help you see beyond your own fears and struggles. I highly recommend her.

Carrie Faye Thompson

Rave Reviews

Dori is an amazing listener. She can pinpoint your problem and give you golden advice in a flash. Knowing that you can ask for her guidance and attention is very helpful in itself. Following her advice is a game changer.

Sara Jond-Necand

Dori has numerous skills as her resume testifies. Against a background of great managerial skills and intelligence, I was most impressed with her exceptional interpersonal skills. Staff, physicians, patients and collaborators at various sites in the country respected her and expressed their liking of her. Her skill profile and experience make her successful in many areas and in particular as a coach and consultant. I recommend her enthusiastically.

Dr. Toke Hoppenbrouwers

Dori is very compassionate with a great ability to listen and very good at what she does.

Marcy Sherman

Rave Reviews

Dori is a very detailed and organized leader. She has the innate ability to get people working together. Dori is great with people on an individual level or in a team setting. There is no mountain too high for Dori to climb. She will make the most difficult work spaces a happier more cohesive one.

Kisty Stephens

Dori is compassionate and caring and always took the extra step in order to ensure both students and staff had the tools to be successful. Her ability to balance excellent customer service with a remarkable business acumen resulted in long term relationships between staff and students and among various divisions.

Darcy Clodio

As a young professional, I was fortunate to have Dori as one of my mentors when she was Assistant Director of Student Affairs at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. She was very attentive, compassionate, dedicated and provided great direction for all of her students. Now in established practice, I can say nothing but praise about Dori as her mentorship has significantly impacted my career path for the better.

David Tieu, M.D.